Leather Duffle Bag

Invest in Quality Leather Duffle Bag for Men 

When buying leather bags, make sure they are elegant and captivating. That will compliment your style. Montexoo Leather Store is reputable for delivering quality products. We specialize in bags for men and women and leather journals. To retain our high quality standards, we have contracted skilled artisans who are attentive to detail. Our products are handmade to give them an exclusive taste in design. Interested clients can get a customized bag or journal that features their label or unique designs. By buying our leather products, you will be making the best investment.

Type of leather

The raw materials determine the quality of the finished leather duffle bags. Our artisans use top-quality materials such as grain leather. This type of leather will make the bags look good year after year. Quality leather has an attractive patina. Thus, your leather bag will continue looking great as it ages. That makes our products unique because most customers expect their leather bags to depreciate with time. After buying our duffle bags, clients will not need a replacement for a very long time. That will save them more money in the future.

Tanning process 

Unlike our competitors, we use a tanning process that guarantees the quality of the leather products. Many leather products in the market have undergone chrome tanning. That is a cheap process that relies on harsh chemicals to prepare the leather within a couple of days. Chemically tanned products are not durable. For that reason, we opt to use the vegetable tanning process. Apart from making our leather duffle bags for men durable, vegetable tanning is also eco-friendly. That shows our commitment to preserving the environment. In rare cases, we use chrome tanning to target clients in need of cheaper products.


Leather bags need essential hardware to function effectively. We have to install handles, locks, metallic rings, buckles, shoulder straps, and metal zippers. When buying leather products, we encourage clients to inspect the hardware. The quality of the leather might be good. However, low-quality hardware will decrease the durability of the bag. Our artisans are skilled in checking the quality of hardware for handmade leather bags. They are responsible for choosing high-quality hardware. That has enabled us to produce quality leather products in the market.


Many people avoid buying quality leather products because of their price. We are striving to change that narrative to ensure many more people invest in quality leather bags. Montexoo Leather Store is currently selling bags at very competitive prices. We market our leather products as an investment because they can stand the test of time. When people buy our leather bags, they will not need to replace them for a long time. Thus, it is cheaper to buy quality bags compared to low-quality bags, which are initially cheap but very costly in the long run. Clients can take advantage of our lengthier warranty period to get free repairs or replacements if their leather bags have errors or damages. Purchasing our products enables every client to save money.