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What Is Bonded Leather, and How Do You Maintain It?

What Is Bonded Leather, and How Do You Maintain It?

Unsure about the best way to maintain your new leather office chair? When looking for furniture, you'll see the phrase "bonded leather" a lot.

Bonded leather, what is it?

Genuine leather straps are used to make bonded leather, which otherwise would be discarded. A fibrous backing is related to the ground-up fragments, pulverized. After that, a polyurethane sealer is applied to the whole sheet, and the grain pattern is pressed into the sealant. Raw animal leather is far more challenging to work with than these sheets.

The care and maintenance of bonded leather

Regular upkeep is essential to get the most use out of your furniture. Bonded leather should never be treated with strong chemicals. They will remove the material's transparent covering. To eliminate body oils and grime between the cushions, wipe them clean with a gentle, moist cloth. Weekly deep cleaning is recommended if your couch gets a lot of wear. Protect and maintain the leather's surface by using a leather conditioner.

Bonded leather should not be exposed to direct sunlight at all. As a result, the material will lose its luster and become weaker. Heating vents and fireplaces are also subject to this requirement. The leather will dry up and peel as a result of the heat. Make sure to wipe up any spills as soon as possible with bonded leather.

To protect bonded leather from flaking, here are some maintenance tips:

  • To eliminate body oils and grime, you should regularly wash your face and body.
  • Make sure to avoid using strong chemicals.
  • Protect and maintain the leather's surface using a conditioner made especially for it.
  • Avoid exposing leather furniture to direct sunlight to prevent cracking and fading.

Peeling of bonded leather?

With time, bonded leather will begin to peel. It's a sad truth of bonded leather that this is the case. Check out our variety of leather mesh chairs for style and breathability if you're concerned about the temperature.

Because of the material's structure, the answer is yes. It's not a solid surface, and the bonding will break down with time. When the material is stretched, the leather parts will begin to separate, peeling. Peeling is caused by the microscopic bits of leather being pushed away from the backing and flaking off in the bonded leather process.

Bonded leather peeling may be prevented by following these steps:

  • Use leather conditioner regularly.
  • Using a leather repair kit may help if peeling begins.

How to repair scratches in Bonded leather

First, use a white towel to wipe out the surface to check that no color has been applied. Afterward, combine a leather restoration solution with a suitable hue. Apply a tiny amount of the mixture to and around the inflamed region. 

Then, using the leather-grained paper included in the package, iron over the damaged area until the pattern is transferred to the new patch. Ensure the iron isn't too hot since it might harm or discolor the bonded leather. Shoe polish may sometimes be used to heal minor dings and dings. In addition, you should always test new items on a discrete inconspicuous section of the leather before using them.


The lifetime of bonded leather is much less than that of genuine leather. After a certain point, it becomes difficult to fix because of its susceptibility to cracking and peeling. Bonded leather may be less costly than genuine leather, but because of its limited lifespan, the cost of replacing a bonded leather item may be more in the long term. There's also the claim that it's less ecologically friendly than other options.

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