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Satchel bags vs messenger bags - Features & Benefits

Satchel bags vs messenger bags - Features & Benefits

In the market of bags, there are many different kinds of bags available with various materials, and the Satchel and messenger bags are two types of bags that have been in use since ancient times. According to the look, these two bags may remain the same, but they have several differences. And these two bags have entirely different origins. The messenger and Satchel had different usages in the past, and due to the development of the modern world, the usage of these bags changed. 

The origin story of satchel bags

The Satchel bag was in use with roman people, and in the beginning stage, goat leather is the main component of this satchel bag, which helps in carrying rations while traveling, and it also helps to carry their personal needs. Later these bags were in use with various people, and they used these bags to carry precious materials like books on those days. 

Loculus is the ancient name for the Satchel, and in those days, the Scottish monks are the primary users of these bags, and later, it moved to the hands of British school students. These points explain the origin and its evolution. 

Messenger bags origin story

The Messenger bags are the American version in use for various years. People like horse riders, mail carriers, couriers, and messengers are the primary users of this kind of bag, and it has several uses. This bag is the best option for people who travel in various vehicles like bicycles, bikes, and horses. That is the reason for the name of these bags. 

And according to the development, the closing mechanism in the bag changes accordingly. People used clasps and buckles for the closing, and later people used the latest zippers. These are the features of the messenger bags, and these points will explain the origin of these messenger bags.  

Difference between messenger bags and satchel bags

Though these bags have some similarities, the difference starts from the materials they are made. People use attractive brown leather for making satchel bags, the messenger bags are made with waxed canvas, and later the messenger bas are also available with later materials. The strap that helps wear the bag will be longer in the satchel bags than the messenger bags. 

The messenger bags will be wider and shorter, which helps store books and other similar materials. Sometimes the Satchel bags will have two small straps that help wear them as a backpack. And the messenger bags will have additional straps on the shoulders to hold the positions of the bags. The messenger bag materials are lightweight and waterproof, making them more useful for daily use.  

Other than these points, these bas also have differences and similarities that make these bags more useful and attractive. These are the points that explain the difference and features of these beautiful bags. 

Uses of Satchel and messenger bags

These bags have various uses, and these bags are suitable for both men and women. Most people use these bags on travel, and many fashion freaks use them daily. And these bags have many student fans who carry these bags for their colleges. Since ancient times, the usage of these pages depends on the people who use them, and these bags will be suitable for all kinds of works. 


Though these bags have been available from ancient times, they had many changes according to the modern-day developments, but the classy look of the bags doesn't change. These points help to know everything about both the Satchel and messenger bags. So, people who love to use these bags can now know about the ancient history that makes these bags more special and interesting.

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