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Difference Between Leather and Eco leather (Plus Which is Best!)

Difference Between Leather and Eco leather (Plus Which is Best!)

Leather has been a main product of the Indian Industry. Around the world, it is traded in huge numbers and quantities. The fashion industry mostly demands it. As demand rises in such industries, the variety and development of its products keep increasing. The leather industry has been growing more to ensure sustainability and a healthy environment. This article shows leather (real/ natural) and Eco-leather. 

Similarities between natural and Eco leathers:

Natural and Eco leather share strong similarities in many respects. Therefore, we must know their unique characteristics to make it easier to distinguish amongst them. The main difference between Leather and Eco-leather is that the main leather is the primary source taken from animal skin. So is the Eco-leather manufacturer and sourced by humans to possess in Eco friendly to the environment. 

The Eco-leather is the one which is a bio-degradable, reusable one which is completely Eco Friendly to the environment. This leather is the most important one in manufacturing leather products such as bags, shoes, etc. Also, Eco leathers are natural friendly materials. The innovation with this LeatherLeather is safe to use. Recycle leather materials are comprehensively new material monitored, and quality inspection on behalf of these products is based on identifying it and ready to sell products in the market. 

Why choose natural leather?

Natural Leather is very tough, incredibly rugged, and amazingly fashionable. Using hides from various animals will get back to make natural leather products. Natural leather goods for thousands involving years, and there are many purposes it has become leading information for fashion purposes. The smell and feel of natural leather have something comforting for many people.

Natural leathers have high strength:

Natural Leather possesses the quality in shape or manipulated with tools without tearing. Synthetic leather rather tears easily. This quality of natural leather explains why its products usually last longer than synthetic leather products.  

Importance of Eco-leather and natural Leather:

  • Natural leather surfaces have a clearer and more symmetrical fine pore and pattern.
  • synthetic leather is one; its surface appears rigid and is very poor in terms of softness
  • eco leathers are environmental friendly 
  • Natural leather has a leather smell, while synthetic leather has a strong irritating plastic smell.
  • It comes in very broad size and long sheeting form-
  • Unlike natural leather, artificial leather can be obtained in very large sizes, both in width and length. This extends its usage, especially in the industries, to produce varieties of products.
  • DURABILITY in leather allows air in and moisture out. A natural insulator, leather protects against extremes in temperatures and humidity. 

Tanning process in leather:

In natural Leather, Tanning is the process where hides are chemically cured to prevent deterioration. The chemicals used in this process also enhance the flexibility of leather and improve its ability to withstand extreme humidity and temperatures. There have been recent advancements in Tanning that produce even higher quality leather. Tanning is followed by another process that restores the natural lubricants lost during the conversion of rawhide into finished leather. 


Here this is the main importance regarding eco leathers and natural leathers. This article shows you all the detailed information and other important aspects of leather manufacturing. So better choose this to know the basic information.  

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